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The Adirondack boutique begins a new chapter with Emilie

Originally from the Netherlands, Emilie studied at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and then worked for over 20 years in high-level event planning and project management. Simultaneously, driven by her passion for decoration, she completed decoration and design projects for both individuals and companies.

With all her experiences, Emilie took over the Adirondack boutique, established in the center of Nyon since 2006 and lovingly run by Catherine Goumaz, in 2023.

Driven by the same values as Catherine, customer advice and service, Emilie continues to passionately present beautiful pieces in the boutique, which has since expanded with new brands.

The Adirondack Nyon boutique continues to develop daily, thus offering service and responses to its clients’ demands in Switzerland and abroad.